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My latest projects...

Green Valley Dental

Green Valley Dental Care is a well-established, innovative family dental practice providing general dentistry ranging from regular check-ups and cleanings to dentures, crowns and fillings.  Uniquely, we provide dental care in the areas of extractions, root canals, and dental implants. We also provide our patients an option for anxiety free care through the use of sedation dentistry, an exclusive in Spooner. Check out their website!

Hope Road Wellness

At Hope Road, you will find a Kris, wonderful woman who would love to work together with you to  examine your current concerns, and explore roadblocks that may be preventing you from living the life you want! She found a little place on, you guessed it, HOPE RD. How cool is that. Check out their website!

Weighted Hugz

There's this girl in New York named Jenna, and she makes beautiful, quality, weighted blankets at a totally affordable price. Because she is awesome. 

~According to Medical News Today~

Weighted blankets imitate the warmth and security of a hug!

~According to The Minds Journal reports~

Weighted blankets decrease stress, fear, and anxiety.


Check them out!

Anchor Bay Counseling

The name Anchor Bay comes from a passage in the Book of Hebrews - "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." They provide hope, compassion, and  clinically excellent services. So glad to have them in town. Check out their website!

The Potters Shed

One of my personal favorite places in Wisconsin. The Shed is full of unique artwork, yummy treats, and awesome people. They also host the coolest location for bands from near and far to perform over the summer... I'm basically there every weekend. Love this place! Check out their website!

Independent Vocational Services

As a totally independent resource, Independent Vocational Services can provide an objective overview of injured parties and make assessments based on individual needs, personal skills and economic potential. Dan Fern, owner of IVS, will do whatever it takes to help you. Check out his website!

North Danvers Church

NDMC has a long and substantial history that has impacted our members, local communities and the Mennonite community at large. In the 164 years of their existence they have maintained a strong new testament based faith with family at the center and outreach always a major aspect of sharing. I love their new vision statement - “We are followers of Jesus Christ, led by his Word, reaching out in Love”. Check out their website!

Rise Up & Build

How can your church be deliberate in teaching about money issues from a Christian perspective? The most ardent supporters of this type of exploration are those with a life-long love affair with giving. Those who develop a giving discipline report a corresponding feeling of freedom and joy resulting in wanting others to experience the deepened connection to sharing in God's work. Rise Up and Build is an interactive site where a congregation finds tools for ensuring the strength in the areas of worship, formation, cargiving, church leadership & operations , and resources to keep stewardship ministry creative. 

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